The FSU AcaBelles

If you aren’t already aware, we just released our newest album, Seamless!

It took a lot of hard work in order for us to make this album a reality, and we are proud to say that this cd puts forth some of the best music AcaBelles has sung to date!

Don’t miss out!

Get your copy now on iTunes! (: 

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Save The Sing Off!

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Pentatonix sings End Of Time by Beyonce! 

Ridiculous. In all the best of ways.

Two of the AcaBelles favorite things: Pentatonix and Beyonce.

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As always, we love to get feedback from all of our fans

So if there’s a certain song you would like us to sing, or if you have any suggestions of things you’d like to see from us in the future, don’t hesitate to drop into our ask box and give us a shout!

We love hearing from you guys!

Much love,


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This is Camille, an AcaBelle who graduated this past year, singing 1+1 by Beyonce.

We’re so proud to call her our acasister. She certainly is a star (:

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Anyone remember this?

AcaBelles SoJam set 2011 (:

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tttttatiana-deactivated20130520 said: Researching for our retreat in the fall ;) WHO IS EXCITED?!?!?!?!?!

YEEESSSSSS!!!! TATI! We can’t wait! Girl, you’re going to make such an awesome VP of Travel :D 

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FSU AcaBelles ICCA set at 2012 Semifinals at Vanderbilt University! (:

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riasson said: Why am I so incredibly and hopelessly in LOVE with EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU?! Stop captivating my heart and my love. I need to love other people too, ya know!

Awwww, Omar! You’re so sweet! We love you too :D

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Hello Tumblr!

We’re the FSU AcaBelles! (in case you couldn’t already tell)

Welcome to our first official tumblr page (:

In case you don’t really know that much about us, here’s a little aca-history for you:

  The AcaBelles are Florida State University’s premier all-female a cappella group established in 2000. The ‘Belles have been the reigning South Champion of the International Championship of Collegiate A Cappella (ICCA) both in 2009 and 2011! We won second place at the 2011 SoJam Competition in Durham, North Carolina where we were also awarded Best Choreography. This past year we have acquired 12 new girls, competed at SoJam, recorded an album, and competed at ICCA 2012, where we took home 2nd place and Best Choreography at the Semifinals. We’re well known for our signature pink laced chucks and feisty attitudes. We make a point to try and challenge the stereotypes of all-female a cappella groups. We are constantly striving to prove that females in the a cappella world can be just as powerful and influential as male figures. We are a group of fierce and independent women that hit  as hard (if not harder) than the guys. AcaBelles is not just your regular a cappella group, it’s also a sisterhood. The bonds that we share are stronger than any power in the world. At the end of the day, we’re just one big family of normal (albeit sassy) college girls that just really love to sing.

And that’s just a brief history. 

Please follow us in order to keep up on all the latest AcaBelles news, including events, videos, music, photos, and maybe even some special features (; Wondering what those special features are? Well, you’re just going to have to follow us to find out…

Thanks for visiting our page, and we hope you all have a lovely and terrific week!


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